So I’m a 19 year old who decided that living and volunteering in another country for a year seemed like a pretty good idea.

I had never planned to take a ‘gap year’ (or ‘gap yah’ as people prefer to call it) until I saw a stand for the Project Trust charity at a Higher Education evening my 6th form held. I wandered over, attracted by the pretty colours of the banners (no word of a lie) and got chatting to one of their staff who had studied what I am also going to study at university! Needless to say I took home a stack of their literature and endlessly read through it, also annoying everyone I knew by questioning them about whether I should go for it.

After a lot of thinking and a LOT of discussion with my parents on whether it was physically possible for me to raise over 5,000 pounds whilst simultaneously  taking 4 A levels, I applied for a Selection Course.

I spent a week on the Isle of Coll in Scotland where Project Trust grilled me in every way and when I received the letter of acceptance into their volunteering program, my life changed forever.

Nice and dramatic there but very very true. Now I am living my dream in Cambodia teaching English and giving a huge amount of support to a brilliant  project based in the beautiful Siem Reap.

Not sure what I’d be doing now or where I’d be if I hadn’t wandered over to that stall but to say I’m glad I did is an understatement.

This whole blog is a documentation of my journey through this year of firsts, my first time in Asia, my first taste of independence and probably my first and last most life changing experience.

Enjoy and feel free to comment or get in touch about anything I have written.

OH and also I’m awful at writing regularly, just as I have managed to start about 7 diaries in my life and each one lies abandoned at the bottom of my bedroom somewhere… please hassle me until I update!

Thank you to everyone for their amazing support both in getting me here and keeping up with what I’m doing.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Lucy

    Hi, how are you doing?
    My name is Joseph from Canada.

    I read your blog and found a favorite picture on it.
    its the following:

    Post Title: To Vietnam and back again, the story that almost went untold…
    Posted Date: May 27 Saturday 2013
    Picture: p1040368.jpg

    Now I would like to ask you to use this picture for a web publication banner we are creating, for the non-profit organization firm. (not commercial use at all)
    Could you give us a permission to use it please?

    I look forward to hearing form you soon.



    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for your message and for asking before using the photograph.
      That should be fine, what organization firm are you using it for?

      Many Thanks,

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